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8 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Web Site Again and Again

Getting visitors to your web site is not one of the easiest
things to do especially if you’ve only just set up your web
site. The trick here is to find as many ways as possible to
get the visitors, that do visit your site, to come back
again and again.

Here are 8 ways you can achieve this:

1. Start a blog

Yes, everyone else, including my grandmother, has a blog.
You should start one too. A blog is a great way to get your
visitors to return to your web site. Especially if you
frequently update it with entries that are relevant to your
visitors’ needs. And also that occasional odd entry on
what’s happening in your personal life. A blog can greatly
increase the personal touch of your web site. And your
visitors are more likely to come back.

2. Start a forum

An active discussion forum may be all that you need to
attract repeat visitors to your web site. You’ll generally
get two types of visitors to your active forum. a) One who
seeks help and one who provides help. If your forum is
active with these two types of visitors, you can almost
guarantee repeat (as well as new) visits for many times to

3. Provide a free useful tool

Every one loves free stuffs. Try and provide a free online
tool, that’s hosted on your web site of course.If your tool
is very useful to your visitors, they will come again and
again to use this tool. Example of tools include a banner
creator, web site popularity checker, or html generator etc.

4. Free Stuff

Don’t just stop there. People really love to get free stuff.
List free stuff on your web site. It could be software,
services, sample products, e-books etc. The freebies should
be related to your web site topic. Keep the freebies coming
and your visitors will return regularly. You could maybe add
a monthly freebie to your site.

5. Encourage feedback

Have a section on your web site or open a forum especially
for visitor and subscriber feedback. You could write a small
line at the bottom of the articles on your page to invite
readers to leave feedback about the article. Or get your
subscribers to leave feedback on your ezine topic for that
month. Make sure you reply to their feedback. Not only will
this increase repeat visitors to your site, but you’ll also
have happy subscribers.

6. Publish an online version of your ezine

Though email ezines are popular and wide spread, you should
also publish an online version of your ezine at your web
site. There are bound to be some subscribers who would
prefer the online version. This would bring them back to
your web site.

7. Original Content

This is by far the best way to get your visitors to come
back for more. Give your visitors content they can’t read
anywhere else. I’m not saying all your content has to be
100% original, but a portion of your web site should have
original information. People will usually read information
they haven’t read before.

8. Prize Drawings

Hold an ongoing prize drawing on your web site. The prizes
should be something of interest or value to your
subscribers. Most people who enter will continually revisit
your web site to get the results.

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