How to do a banner exchange via ftp and frontage

NOTE: When doing a banner exchange it is important that you have a banner stored on your server and on your hard drive. The most common banner dimensions used for exchange are 468×60 and 468×70. A growing trend for banner exchanges are the rotating banner exchange which uses a script and will rotate a new banner each time the page is visited. For auto Rank banner exchanges (friends page) The dimensions are 100×150 and you will need to have this specific banner served from your website. The auto rank script keeps track of visitors coming and going to your site through the exchange and ranks your banner by the amount of traffic that is generated. It is not necessary to have this one on your hard drive.

Part One: Standard Banner Exchange (Rotating)

Step 1: Open Notepad (Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Notepad ) You will need  your banner URL (where your banner is located on your website ex., Your main URL ( , Title, Sometimes a description and or category, and a username and password for each exchange. Copy all of this information once and paste in the top of notepad. When signing up for these exchanges some may require you to upload your banner to their exchange from your hard drive. Locate the folder that contains your banner and familiarize with its location. By now you should know how to get to your websites folders on your hard drive that you downloaded via FTP.

Step 2: Go to to one of the banner exchanges below (examples). Read their rules and make note of any special circumstances they may have for their exchange (EX.. You may only have one banner on a page when using our banner)

Step 3: Fill out the form of the site you wish to submit your banner to.

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