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Search engine promotion and website rankings are really not that hard so long as you know what to look for and what to do. My biggest asset is that I do way too much reading and I do what many others don’t… research. Every month the engines can easily change their system of ranking the websites. The only way to truly know is to stay on top of it. This involves research. Most importantly it involves knowing where to get the RIGHT answers.

I by know means know what necessarily works best on all the search engines. But then again I focus the majority of my time on the inktomi and Google search engines. If you can rank a site on these search engines, who cares about the rest? I don’t!

So without me babbling on anymore let me point out a few tips for how to rank well on Google. These are no secrets like I said. They are just common sense ways to rank at the top of Google. And I know, because I do it all the time. Try out these techniques, develop your own and see what happens.

Include your keyword In the title: If you want to improve your ranking make sure the keyword is in the title. But also make sure that the title is at least three words. To better enhance this technique. Link the page to another page that has a title that contains the keyword, which is similar, but not the exact same title.

Purchase Multiple Domains: Link popularity is very important. What link popularity does is very simple, the more people linked to you the better your linking (don’t use link farms) My advice and it works for me is buy three domains, link them together, put relevant content on them and watch your ranking rise even higher. One thing I advise is hosts them on different systems. That way the search engine does not penalize you.

Link Farms are SPAMMING! Google has officially let everybody know that if you participate in a link farm you will find yourself banned from the engine so fast your head will spin. A link farm is basically where you submit your site to a site that has hundreds of links, the add your link and in exchange you put there list on your website. This is a link farm, and it is not worth being banned over.

Link Popularity: Let me say that although this has not really affected me yet. I have been told many times that the more people linked to your website increase’s your website ranking. So keep in mind, don’t use link farms. One really easy way to do this is to simply link all of your pages together with a text navigation system. Simple and it works.

Headers: You want to rank higher on goggle. Use headers. Google’s own staff has admitted that this does increase your ranking. Does not make much sense to me but I know it works, so hey give it a try.

Don’t use automated Submitters: The search engines are smarter these days and they really hate automatic submitter. So my advice is do not waste your time on them. Since none of the search engines like them and can sometimes see it as spamming you are better to invest some time and submit it by hand. It does not take that long and it is better then getting a ban!

Cloaking: Can’t say too much here, my advice if you are not an expert search engine guru and coder don’t even bother trying. You will screw yourself in the long run and end up banned.

Pick the right keywords: This is SO important. I am so tired of seeing people that put together these really nice websites and hire some yahoo to submit them and nothing happens. Submitting it properly is only half the battle. Picking the right keywords is more important then anything else. Not only that but matching your content and code to the keywords is VERY important.

I hope that everybody finds this little article useful. And if I get some positive feedback I might even consider writing another article on the other engines… or maybe something a little more complex and with detail.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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