Internet marketing tips that cost nothing.

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You know they say it takes money to make money, well you want me to tell you how I started out. I started with zero cents. I got fired from a job from sleeping in cause I was up to late on the internet. My girlfriend even yells at me when I sneak out of the bed in the middle of the night to get onto the computer. My dog wines and cries because I don’t spend time with him, but anyways let me get back to what I was saying there is several ways to promote a website with no money, but I’ll tell you what it takes a lot of determination and dedication and if you don’t have that in you then don’t plan on succeeding. It also takes a lot of innovations, or some type of innovation, or viral markets that will pull leverage in for you.

1. Submit to free directories as cheesy as it sounds yes they do work, plus over time when these links set in these web directories you’ll start to get more credit from them and who knows the directory owner might promote the directory pretty well.
2. Do donations you can find high quality links one way links by searching for links to donate to just go to the search engine and type donate open source, or something similar to that. (this is a secret though so don’t let every one know).
3. Install a blog and starting writing your fucking ass off at least 5-10 post a day of quality posts.
4. Hang out at forums, and join the social part of the web and see what you can do from there on out. You’ll also meet a lot of friends this way, just viral these people into your blog one way or another and get them to subscribe.
5. Get famaliar with websites such as Digg, Reddit, and numerous other social media sites. Just become part of there community.
6. Buy a laptop just encase you go homeless, or don’t have money for rent. I’m being serious about this cause if you don’t have the passive income to support your bills while your building your business then stuff will get really tough. specially if your someone totally new, but you can still succeed just takes a lot of dedication like I said.
7. Make Friends, Make Friends, and let met say it again Make Friends. Join the social parts of the web and no this is not a waste of time don’t depend to make a living hanging out at DP your whole life by any means, but just try to meet people that will market your services for you such as word of mouth and etc be good at something that no one can do. If you do something that others haven’t done show your ass who cares, prove to other people what you have done people will be like neat-o.
8. Think like an entrepreneur don’t let other people destroy your believes you will feel like your in a war zone when your building a company or something you dream of, and don’t ever let go.

Just mainly try to find ways that you can promote your self with out losing. Don’t give in and offer to do stuff for dirt cheat. Its ok to maybe give a few deals here and there, but the idea in business it to always take care of your clients and make sure your moving forward at *all times*. If you believe there is a better way of doing something because you done been there and done it, then you do it your way because the chances are if your getting better results then what ceo joe is producing then do it.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.