At the most basic part of how to work from home on the internet there is three main paths.

1. Find a affiliate or reseller program or find a skill like data entry and solicit your services.

2.  Find your own product and put a shopping cart on your website. Paypal works great for this.

3. Provide a valuable content for a subscription fee

There is thousands of other way but I want to focus on the top three.

1 .. First find a affiliate or reseller program or find a skill like data entry and solicit your services. This the easiest of all ways to make money on the internet. I recomend finding something that most people use every month and that you use and have a opinion on. For example mps players, you can find a website that specializes in MP3 players and check to see if they have a affiliate program.

If they do then you should start a basic website, even one page is fine. Do not get a free web page or a page from the business that sells the product. This will be much harder to market and get search engine traffic to.

On your website post something eye grabbing like their lowest price MP3 player. Now add test that has to do with this devise on the page in a attractive and professional manner.

Next you should add a blog on the website, I recomend wordpress for this and DWHS for hosting since they have word press that can be added for free easily and they only charge$3 for a basic website.

Make sure and update your blog  3 times a week even if it’s cut and pasting stuff from the website that you are sending customers to. This will eventually make money if website has a good product, make sure and have a friend or you test the website to see if the affiliate program and website itself works well.

2 .. Find your own product and put a shopping cart on your website. Paypal works great for this. This is actually easier then you think. Even if all you sale is candles or toilet paper if the site is clean, professional, and functional you will make at least some sales.

First find a distributer, in this example lets say a local candle maker. At first you will not make much from the candles  because you will not buy them in bulk but this starting process is how almost all business with no start up costs will work.

Next sign up for paypal and use there shopping cart option to add the candles to your website and  allow for people to buy them. You will also want to make friends with your local shipping office so you can eventually get a shipping discount.

Next build a blog on your website and update it once a week with stuff in regards to candles. You will also want to sale these products on Ebay and Craigslist.

3 ..  Provide a valuable content for a subscription fee. This is done in so many ways I couldn’t cover them all but some are EBooks, News, Groups, Content, ECT.. ECT..

For this you don’t need a shopping cart, just a website with some great sales stuff on it and a company like verotel to manage the members and payments

Other things to consider:

Get good hosting, slow or dead web pages do not get customers. We recomend for this

Link to you blog from at least your front but even better is every page.

Make sure and add images to each blog post, it makes it less boring.

Think of these words first when making a website:  clean, professional, and functional

It’s not that bad to have someone else build the website. does a page for $100 flat

Be patient, search engines take about three months to list and update new sites.

Written by Charles Yarbrough for

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.