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It’s coming to a age where having a website is necessary for all business owners. But who has time to update all the new products and business changes on a daily basis? The reality is the majority of business owners update their web page every 6-12 months. Usually this consists of something they think will improve the image of the website. The part that’s commonly overlooked is that updating your website pages and text at least once a month has huge benefits far beyond any benefit of a slight image change.

By updating the web page once a month it adds credibility with customers and even more credibility with the internet process (Search engines and other websites). Search engines will always list a website that is active over stale, plain, and low text (content) websites. The differance between adding even a little more text each month is huge for how search engines will consider your website in the SE ranking system.

Of course adding jiberrish will not help much, but adding good text based stories, information, and by building more pages you WILL make a huge differance.  With that said here is the top 5 reasons to update your website atleast once a month:

1. Search Engines – They see changed and content rich web pages as a active website and will always rank this over a stale website.

2. Other Websites – The internet starves for new original information and by adding it to your website regularly you will have a much better chance to get free one way links to your website.

3. Customers – When customers see a website that is updated and has lots of perdinant information they are more likely to save the page to there favorites and come back!

4. Personal  Investment – I’m not big on tricking myself but the more you add to your website and see actual results the more fun it will be to add more content and watch your website grow.

5. Website Quality – Eventually you will notice errors or little ways to clean up and make the website more usable when your actively updating it.

The best way to stay active is to add a blog to your website, is a search engine friendly and is super easy for anyone to use. Most web hosts like  has it available for free by the push of a button. For example You can see how the main website is the front line for the business and just adding a link on the bottom of each page to your blog you can have a easily updatability website that the search engines and your customers will love.

The other option is to have a non-static website, you can so this with blog software or any CMS (content management system) is a good option for this but might require slightly higher hosting fees to run it.

Written by Charles Yarbrough for

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.