Stalking the competition

Stalking the competition

There is so many ways to stalk your competitors but my favorite it a little trick with search engines for example with Google. Lets see where your partners site has been noticed from; First go to then in the search bar put in the exact domain ( for example ) then click search. You will then see if you did it right now as I’m righting this: Results 110 of about 1,270 for

Then a list of sites: Internet Home Based Business Internet Home Based Business. Home · About internet home based business · BLOG + WEBSITE = $. Posted in February 6th, 2008 – 57kCachedSimilar pages

» About internet home based business internet-home-based-business Internet Home Based Business. Home · About internet home based business · About internet home based business – 19kCachedSimilar pages
More results from »

Entertainment Jobs, Film & Television Production

magazine each month, Business Week should be at the top of your list because it covers everything from po – 27kCachedSimilar pages

Homebased Business

14 Pages Found, 151 Links Found, 13630 Score, · Complete Money Making WebSite Setup Free – Work at home and – 26kCachedSimilar pages



The trick is some of the listing might not be the site you are stalking, for example the last listing is referring to

Which is another site but also probably worth stalking. Basically just keep this in mind when doing this search if the site just has your domain name in another domain.


Seems simple but very insightful and what you might not be doing 😉


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