dating traffic #2

Quality Dating Traffic

Have you ever thought about getting quality dating traffic for your dating sites? I suppose, you have.  Well, today I will write about the service, which can bring you more members and more income.
Actually, it doesn’t matter, how you promote your dating site. In general, we’re all click hunters. Every click, which leads to our site, can bring us potential conversions and income. I’m not talking about the quality of your landing page or your dating site (It is important of course). I’m talking about clicks quality.

At this point, I would define three types of clicks.

Make Money With Dating Site

OK, In previous post we’ve talked about Dating Traffic Monetization. I’ve written about basic principles of dating traffic monetization. It’s time to dig a bit deeper and to monetize your dating site.
Well, let’s assume you’ve created dating site and it is completely free. What’s your benefit? I will offer you some ways to get income from Free Dating Site.
These ways are not so original, but they really make sense if your dating site is free and you would love to get a few bucks before the weekend.
So,let’s start make dating money.

International Dating Directories. Worth to be listed!

OK Let’s take makes some basic steps for getting more targeted visitors to our dating sites. We will list our dating site in dating directories. Below you may find some tips on successful dating directory submissions.

I must say that huge amount of dating traffic comes through dating directories. There are many types of them. Top lists, international dating directories, with direct links and redirecting links, sorted and unsorted, free and paid and so on.

What could we do with them?

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