Get Free Dating Traffic – 5 Tips

Hundreds of ways exist to get free site traffic. The most basic relationship they share is the importance of quality content. Content is king. Targeted dating traffic and original content of quality form the backbone of the following list.

1. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is not unlike word-of-mouth promotion, buzz marketing. The big difference is a viral marketing message is spread through electronic channels of communication. A digital product or service is made freely available to people who are encouraged to voluntarily spread the marketing message, which can lead to exponential growth in brand awareness. The classic example is who used To get your FREE email account go to in the signatures of all their free email accounts.

Oodles of dating traffic can be gained from viral marketing. You can be certain I will devote many future articles to the subject. What you need is a product or service related to dating that you make freely available, is easy to acquire and spread and, for the purposes of this article, free for you to create. You could write a dating e-book or report in pdf format, make a short YouTube movie, create a WordPress Widget or theme, design website templates, write articles and submit them to directories like Give away something valuable and they will come.

2. Blogging

We all know blogs can generate monster traffic. Here is a quick checklist of helpful tips to feed the monster:

* Give away valuable information
* Submit to blog directories, search engines, top lists
* Link exchanges
* Use headings and sub-headings based on keyword phrases you can realistically target
* Be mindful of good keyword density
* Network with relevant blogs via comments, trackback, email and messengers
* Write quality text and do it often (3 to 6 times daily)
* Ping a good selection of ping services
* Participate in discussions on other blogs as well as your own
* Comment (do not spam) on related blogs
* Use a signature and participate in forums without being spammy
* Add a signature to your email
* Ensure your blog is optimized for search engines (permalinks are a must and here is a useful plugin : All In One SEO)
* Make use of polls, discussions, and other interactive elements to encourage stickiness
* Write articles and submit them to directories
* Post snippets of your blog posts on forums and link to your main article (if they should want to know more)
* Readers love lists, like 5 Ways To Get Free Dating Traffic!
* Encourage bloggers in complimentary niches to engage in group writing
* Use social bookmarking plugins, like Gregarious
* Allow you personality to shine throw, giving content an original feel
* Link to your other blog posts for search engines and making readers remain longer

3. Google Images

Vast numbers of people search google images which delivers relevant results. You can easily optimize your sites to deliver targeted dating traffic. I’ll cover a few techniques that will get your dating-related images ranked highly on google images.

Name your images according to keywords you want to target (and make use of hyphens). Likewise, use descriptive text for your alt tags, and keyword-dense text around the images themselves with matching keywords in titles. So if you want to target senior dating, you might use senior-dating.jpg and “Senior Dating” in the alt tag, with the title “Amazing Tips On How To Master Senior Dating“, and a high density of related keywords in surrounding text. A final tip, and believe me this subject deserves an article itself, is to target less popular keywords; it is relatively simple to get ranked on the first page in this way.

4. Yahoo Answers

I do not advocate spamming, nor will it do you any good on Yahoo Answers (or anywhere). Create a profile, include your site, and participate in the community. Search for questions related to your specific niche and answer them in an informative manner. Spam or duplicate posts are deleted and ignored. Truly helpful posts get high exposure and garner fantastic targeted traffic.

Become known for being an authority in your niche. 30 minutes a day spent answering relevant questions will generate a steady traffic-stream in the long term.

5. Article Marketing

An article on getting free dating traffic would be incomplete without mentioning article marketing; perhaps the most popular technique for stable, targeted traffic in the long run. Most marketers who try this for the first time will give up after the first couple of weeks. It is important you keep at it. This is a long term technique that can generate mass amounts of visitors to your sites.

The first thing to do is research your keywords. Try to target less-popular keywords. Find out what people are searching for and target phrases that will enable you to place well for longer in the search engines.

Use the keyword you want to target in your title and make it compelling. It takes the average person 5 to 10 seconds to scan a page of organic search engine results. Imagine your article being on that page. You want it to stand out, to scream, to leap up and down and grab the reader by the collar and roar, PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME NOW DAMMIT!

The last tip I will give here is to ensure your content presells whatever dating-niche you’re promoting. Sounds ludicrously obvious but you’d be shocked at how many article writers forget the actual reason for writing in the first place. When the reader gets to the last sentence, he had damn well better be chomping at the bit to click your signature link and buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Consistently writing quality content will get you traffic from your articles in organic search engine results, inbound links, and potentially traffic from sites who choose to publish your articles.

Getting free dating traffic to your sites is a long-term strategy with limitless potential. Paid advertising should naturally form part of your overall marketing strategy and can be financed by your free traffic techniques.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.