Light hearted advertising

light hearted ads

A departure from typical healthcare advertising, Mortar’s campaign for St. Mary’s takes a gently humorous approach to the everyday situations that send people to the emergency room. Whether they are hurt crossing the street or fall ill after eating something adventurous, San Franciscans can start down the road to recovery within 30 minutes of arriving at St. Mary’s QuickCare. Intended to deliver a local, San Francisco feel, the ads can be seen around the city on buses, bus shelters, and banners.

“Humor is rarely used in healthcare, and we wanted to develop a campaign that is refreshing, new and above all approachable,” said Tim Spry, creative director at Mortar. “Accidents are a reality of life—no one likes going to the emergency room. By taking a light-hearted approach, this campaign says that if you need to go—even for minor injuries—St. Mary’s will have you in and seen in no time.”

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