Go viral with your video in 6 Steps

Videos are a great way to get business and spread the word. But if our video doesn’t viral it will just collect dust.

1) Content
Depending on the strategy, the content of the video may not be as difficult to make as you think it is. Great material can be put together with very little effort.
a) Make it short YouTube watchers have a short attention span so 15-30 seconds will work best.
b) Don’t make an ad Unless the content is exceptionally entertaining, viewers will not share an ad with their friends.
c) Appeal to sex If all else fails, a video with attractive women will always get a few extra views.

2) Kick Start
Some 80 million videos are viewed each day, so how do you get people to watch yours? The trick is to kick start your viral video into gear by getting it traffic, comments, and ratings from any source.
a) Blogs Post the video on your blog and any other blog you can get it on.
b) Forums Post the video into forums and build a conversation around the post to get people interested.
c) MySpace Post the video on all your “friends” profiles in the comments area.
d) Facebook Send out a message to all your Facebook friends asking them to rate the video and share it with their friends.

3) Title Optimization
The title of your video can be changed as often as you like. This means you can start with a title that is more “catchy” and will help your video take off, and then change it later to something that will help build your brand.

4) Thumbnail Optimization
When posting a video, YouTube allows you to choose from three thumbnails to represent your video, one of which is taken from the middle point in your video. When editing your video, make sure that the frames in the middle of the video are filled with some type of exciting imagery, or at least a person with a recognizable face.

5) Promote Conversation
Start a conversation in the comments of your video, and get everyone you know to join the conversation. This will encourage other people to join in as well, helping to build interest in your product or service.

6) Don’t Hold Back
If you have several videos you plan to launch on YouTube, it is better to release them all at once rather than spaced out. If one video goes viral it will drive traffic to your other videos. If you don’t have any other videos because you plan to release it next week then you’re missing out on traffic.

6.5) Tracking
Track traffic from each YouTube video page to your website by appending a unique identifier to the end of the URL. This will help you understand which videos delivered the most traffic to your website. Additionally you can track performance metrics with a solution such as TubeMogul or Vidmetrix.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.