College student income 2009

As new technologies come out so does the new use of money and what it’s spent on. This recent chart shows what the average college student spends over four years at a university.

9 thoughts on “College student income 2009

  1. I need the data from college student’s income. It would help me to write my consumer behavior paper.

  2. College are the future if you get them as customers you will grow faster and longer then conventional markets.

  3. Hey! Just wanted to say you have a fantastic little blog and I would like you understand how sweet it looks. Will be back often.

  4. I’ve read a few entries from your site and I’d like to say thanks. College data like this is very hard to get.

  5. This reminds me of how broke I was in college lol but not much different then actually.

  6. Like your blog. Very interesting. Keeping it bookmarked and will keep checking back regularly. Best wishes.

  7. Sometimes I think college kids or more dumb then drop outs. Is this possible?

  8. Can you get an update on this, I would like to know what it is now!

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