What is the differance between marketing and advertising?


In a nut shell I see it like this: Marketing is more for branding and the business image, where advertising is more for selling and showing a product.

The argument that throws me is why a logo or a logo and name is displayed say on a bus stop bench or sign it is then called advertising? I mean it’s not selling a product, it’s more just trying to get brand name recognition, which clearly is Marketing and not advertising. I mean if you see a sign for a DWHS store. That has the name and logo, is that a add even though there is nothing for sale on it. And would you say “look at the marketing sign” apposed to “look at that advertisement”. My guess is advertising rolls off the tongue better and usually means less so it used more commonly said, even though some ads as we might say are really strictly for the purpose of marketing.

Also I have heard marketing is more about selling the company rather then what they do. For example explaining the company uses solar panels for their office is marketing and saying they have solar panels for the new car they are releasing is advertising.

If you have any thoughts on this let me know!

Charles Y.

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