1. Seattle 1967 – The lakeside mothers club from the proceeds or a rummage sale install a ASR-33 teletype machine for kids to experiment with. Seventh grader Bill Gates finds his calling.
  2. Sausalito, CA 1998 – The naming wizards at Lexicon Branding note that the tiny keys on Research In Motions new device looks like a blackberry. The infamous name for the Blackberry phone is created.
  3. Portland, Oregon 1982 – Dan Wieden and David Kenedy set up a new ad agency together from scratch. Their fist slogan was “Just Do It”
  4. San Jose, CA 1995 – Pierre Omidyar launches eBay from his apartment. The first bid was for a broken laser printer. He called to make sure the bidder knew it was broken. The bidder replied back saying he collects broken laser printers.
  5. La Honda, California 1997 – Reed Hastings contemplates telling his wife about the $40 late fee for Apollo 13. Instead he tells her about a better idea.. Netflix
  6. Palo Alto, CA 1995 – Stanford Grad student Sergey Brin and Student Larry Page meet. They disagree on almost everything at first. They soon get over it and start a search engine called BackRub. Two years later it’s re-named Google.
  7. Black Rock Dessert, Nevada 1999 – Philip Rosedale drives to a Nevada desert festival called Burning Man. He over hears someone say “Reality is what you make of it”. He follows the insight and creates the game Second Life.
  8. Scottsdale, Arizona 2005 – Bob Parson’s Company needs more exposure so he commissions a 30 second Super Bowl add for half a million. In 2006 Godaddy becomes the largest web host.
  9. Houston, Texas 1980 – Micheal Dell talks his parents into a getting him a new computer for his 15th birthday. His parents where furious that he took it apart right after getting it. He makes up for disaster by starting Dell.
  10. Burlington Vermont 1979 – Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield celebrate their companies first anniversary by giving away free ice cream to anyone that stops by their shop.
  11. Santa Barbara, CA 1998 – Charles Yarbrough joins up with a partner to create a easy way for businesses to get online for a low price. 2001 DWHS Inc. is created.
  12. London, England 1966 – Richard Branson’s published a magazine called Student at age 16. He then set up an audio record mail-order business in 1970. In 1972, he opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, in 2009 the Virgin umbrella handles over 360 companies under it.

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