Merchant Accounts

wells fargo
Wells Fargo is a leading merchant account provider. We recomend considering them first. You can sign up on there website or at your local branch. There success is from great customer service and the ability to have everything together for easier managment.
card service
Card Service international is the second largest provider of online merchant accounts and the largest provider of store front merchant accounts. There prices are very competetive and use several banks to help find the solution that fits your business best.
autherize is the largest provider of internet merchant accounts and is also the most used service for website shopping cart programs. Almost all shopping cart programs will have this service pre-configured for easy implementing.
Paypal is not exactly a merchant account but can be used to seel goods online fast and easilly. Owned by Ebay does make them generally trustworthy but be more carefull with them and keep a low balance at all times.
link point
Link Point is a gateway service that can be used with all the above merchant accounts. They also run a well known secure all in one solution. They are known for cutting edge services for online billing.

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