We ran into this great site today, it’s always a pleasure to see successful internet based product businesses. We know what it takes to beat out the competition when it comes to the largest business market in the world. It’s never easy to be a long term business on the internet and selling designer lingerie in no exception. That is why we where pleasantly surprised to find This company is doing it right from the ground up. From free shipping of all products and great customer service that replies in 24 hours. They are a perfect example of how to run an internet business the customer friendly way.

We also loved how your lingerie is guaranteed for arrival or they resend it for free.

The site itself is also a perfect example of how to look professional but simple enough for anyone to use. With easy navigation and relevant high quality images, the site is very welcoming and has a buy without risk feeling to it.

The domain is fantastic and easy to remember.

Stop by and see how they are running a great internet business that looks like it will stand the test of time. Have any ideas? Post them below, we are happy to hear your opinions!

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Unit A972502

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