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An online ad network or just network is a company that connects advertisers with websites that want to have ads on them. For example a banner of your business for envelopes might go well on a shipping companies website. In this case the envelope company will pay a monthly fee or a pay per click fee to have their banner on the site. The ad network gets a percentage of all fees.

Some ad networks started off very small and now have millions of customers paying 10% for each pay per click or ad. You can easily see the financial potential this has.

On the down side is that Google like most things on the internet have taken over most of the business. Yahoo just started as well in April 2014. Facebook is part as well.

These three big guys take most of the revenue but there is still plenty of money to made with niche services that convert well. You might want to consider focusing on a special type of site like pet sites, blogs, or local business.

You will need a special website that will cost at least a couple hundred to put together. Something people can log into and sign up to advertise on other sites.

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