Apartment Locator business

An apartment locator service can provide a website or directly help people to find a new place to rent. It’s main function is to help people find apartments in their local area.

Startup Fees: $50 – $10,000
Hours wk: 5-40

Finding a new home or apartment to rent can be very difficult when you do not know the area or have a busy schedule. Many people would rather outsource the process to professional home finders.

You can run this from your home, on the web, or from an office location for clients to visit. This business is competitive. This is a very competitive business but will always have a demand and you can find niches like dog friendly rentals ect..

Most apartment locating businesses charge renters a fee when they find a place the customer likes. In some cases the landlord will pay a kick back as well as the person looking for the place. It’s best to focus on the best place available not just what might get you the most payment. Word to mouth and repeat customers for this business are essential.

Having some sort of website is needed for people to find you and you can take the website as far as a paid service to see locals rentals. WestSideRentals.com in Los Angeles is a perfect example of a small company going big with this service in mind.

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