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How to make a great impression in business

I remember doing sales in High School at the local Sears in Napa. I loved the job and did pretty good at it. Not to gloat but I do have the single highest sales for a sales floor employee in one day (24k). 6k commission for one day is not bad for a high school kid. Of course it was soon wasted on a new exhaust and rims for my Chevelle lol. Anyways… It was clockwork how many people preferred to buy higher end appliances or close the deal faster when I dressed and looked professional. I learned early that image is immensely important in business.

Here is 6 easy ways to make an awesome first impression for business.

1. Dial it in
A  good haircut happens twice a month, yeah it’s an extra $10 but having a look that you know is good all the time is worth it. Research has proven over and over that a clean well done look helps the negotiation process go smoother. Even if you don’t wear a suit very often like me have a nice tailored pressed suit waiting in case you need it.

2. Listen
A common huge mistake business people make is overselling. It beyond important to shut up, especially in the beginning of the conversation. Not only will help you understand what the person needs but it will help slow down the pace, make things comfortable, and build confidence in the person you are talking too. I even suggest pausing after they stop and just think about what they said. Even if you know the answer, controlling the rhythm can help you see the conversation more clearly .

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