10 tips if you work from home.

Over the last 20 years about 80% of my work is done from home. I love it, you control your own hours and don’t have a boss! if only it was always that great though, here is 10 tips I have picked up on that might help you work from home a little better.

1. Take a break!
It’s easy to work all day and not even realize it, after all you are probably going to reap the rewards personally. As exciting as getting a project done is, you need breaks. Take at least four breaks every 8 hours. They should be at least 5-10 minutes. Not only will you feel better but you will work better too!

2. Have lunch away from your desk
I like to eat outside, it resets my mind and helps me relax. Plus you are getting fresh air.

3. Take a moment to prioritize
It’s important to stop what you are doing, sit back and make a quick to-do list for the day. Getting things out of your head help you stay focused and think more clear.

4. Get around people
I go out every weekend, nothing to wild but I’ll grab a drink at some fun place and just hang out. You will be surprised how many people will talk to you.

5. Find a hobby or sport
It’s easy to have work take over your life when you work from home and especially if you own your own business as well. Fund some sports you like and some sort of hobby. I have never been a good hobby person so I have several sports I play and try to take trips every month.

6. Workout!
There is no excuse not to have a gym membership if you work from home. It’s a way to get out of the house and be around productive people. Stay healthy, you will need it later in life.

7. Vacation
Take a trip as much as possible, I take weekend trips monthly and leave the country at least twice a year. It’s my way of finding peace and balance in life.

8. Get good sleep
Find a way to sleep straight through to 7-8 hours. You need this to hit the REM stage which is how you reset, recover, and rebuild.

9. Delegate!
There is so many ways to outsource now like Fiverr and the millions of low priced hard workers in India. Find a good guy that can do something as good or better than you and then  forget about it. Delegation is one of the most important qualities of a leader.

10. Get into nature
It’s now proven being in nature everyday helps you in every way. Like thinking better and faster, being healthy, being more relaxed, and you’ll sleep better. Start hiking as much as you can find time to, even if it’s through a local park.

I hope you like this and good luck with your JOB!

Charles Yarbrough
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