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We found this awesome email marketing software today. If you have not heard about FreshMail you have to check it out for all your email marketing needs. With lots of clean modern templates to choose from and an easy to use interface you can’t go wrong. No more trying to find the right graphics and layout, FreshMail already has a bunch of great designs ready to be used.

The prices are amazingly low priced for all the great resources you have access to. They even have a free service to test everything out. The free service is even good enough to run a decent email marketing program. With prices as low as $27 you can’t go wrong when you are ready to get serious.

  • $27 per month for 2,500 subscribers
  • $70 per month for 10,000 subscribers
  • $230 per month for 50,000 subscribers

Surprising with such a low price is the 24/7 support. They really help and are glad to work with you. First you can grab your quick answers from their impressive support page that covers just about everything you need help with already. Otherwise they have email, live chat, and phone support ready to help.

To recap, you are getting an easy to use system. A low price for the amount of subscribers you can have, and great support.

With the new launch of Freshmail 6.0 they even have responsive templates!

About the software…

FreshMail is a web-based email marketing software system for creating, sending, and tracking online email campaigns that work great. With it’s own newsletter creation tool “FreshMail Designer” rich in beautiful email templates that are easy to edit and adjust are ready for your content. FreshMail provides several reports and more useful things to manage your email marketing campaign.

For more information check out their now at


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