Capturing Business Webinars on Windows 8 with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Is there a business webinar that you’ve been looking forward to but at the last minute realized that you won’t be able to stay and watch it for the full duration? The one downside of many of these seminars is the fact that they are streamed live and don’t have the option to let you save them so that you can watch them later. That being said, it is definitely possible to do so and all you need is the Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

How it Works

As you would expect, the way to record business webinars is by using screen capture on Windows 8. By capturing what is happening on your screen, you’ll be able to record the webinar video that is playing there – despite the fact that it is being streamed live.

Because the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is so easy to use, you just need to:

1. Start the software
2. Select the capture area to coincide with the business webinar that you want to record by repositioning and resizing the capture window
3. Make sure the system audio is selected as the audio source
4. Start the recording and either stop the recording when it’s done or set a timer to do so automatically
5. Save the video using one of the many available presets that are designed to cater and optimize your video for various platforms

Easy enough don’t you think? The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is actually capable of a lot more than that and if you like you can even edit your video by cutting, trimming, and combining segments, or adding special effects, filters, text, a music track, and much more. Long story short, all the tools that you need are right there and they’re just as easy to use as the process of recording the webinar in the first place.

By using this software you’ll find that not only do you have access to powerful features, but they’re all presented in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner so you never find yourself lost without knowing what to do. In no time you’ll be able to master the software and easily record, produce, and create any sort of videos you desire. Matter of fact, you could do much more than recording business webinars – you could even create your own business presentations if you like.

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