Goals are meant to be made

I’m sure you have heard to set your goals really high so if you don’t hit them you will still go further. There is some truth to this, but it’s not quite that simple. See if you do not hit your goals you can easily lose momentum and not have the excitement to attack the next level. Also if you don’t break down your goals it’s harder to see the finish line. With gold you need flags to get you to the green on a long par. Goals are the same way, you need smaller goals to get you through the unseen obstacles. The trick really is break down your goals into three stages:

  1. Short goals – These are goals you can accomplish daily. Example: Working 6 hours straight, writing a blog post, upgrading your website, going to the gym.
  2. Long goals – These goals should be from 3-6 months. Example: Getting 10 good links back to your site, making a unique video, losing 5% body fat.
  3. Very long goals – These goals should be 6 months to 5 years and can by set as high as your dreams. Example: Getting out for the red, hire employees, have a store front, climbing Mount Everest, the sky should the limit here.

By having short goals you can keep the momentum going and cross off things as they are done. Every stage has a purpose to help with the next stage.

Important: For any of these goals to really resonate you need to get them on paper with large font and hang them up. You should be looking at these goals everyday and crossing them off as they are done. Don’t forget to celebrate any goals that are made. Even a glass of wine, massage, or a little present to yourself will help you get on track to being successful when going after your goals.

Make sure to use separate pages for the short, long and very long goals. That way you can cross the daily ones off and do another list without redoing the longer goals.

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