Personal trait percentages of top CEOs

Hundreds of CEOs in fortune 500 companies filled out a survey showing what percentage of successful personal traits they have. These are not hard numbers but it was really fun reading up on what they ranked high on. Normal Entrepreneurs not in the fortune 500 scored around 20% for each trait. This gives you an idea of how exceptional you have to be to handle a high end CEO position.

Here is the stats:

  1. 85% ranked high as risk takers. Willing try new things and even risk current working formulas for the chance to be better.
  2. 72% ranked high as business focused. They track numbers, metrics, and set specific goals.
  3. 71% ranked high as determined. Diligent work ethic and the ability to overcome difficult obstacles.
  4. 61% ranked high as a delegator. They have the skills to find talent and send work to the right people.
  5. 58% ranked high as knowledge seekers. They go after information and use it for their business and managing success.
  6. 56% ranked high as creative thinkers. They have the ability make something from nothing and think far out of the box.
  7. 54% ranked high as confident. They have the ability to lift peoples moral and productivity. They can build business.
  8. 53% ranked high as a promoter. They can speak on the behalf of the company and make the businesses image stand out.
  9. 50% ranked high as Independent. Self-reliant and motivated.
  10. 46% ranked high as a relationship builder. These guys can make the important partnerships for their company to move to the next level.

Now ideally you would have all of these traits to some level. This does show where you want to focus on improving if you are not sure of your abilities. I was really surprised to see risk taker come up as number one. I know it’s important to take risks when you start a company but I would think once your established in a fortune 500 company you want to play it more safe.

Business focused, determined, and delegation is really important and I can see how they ranked high. A lot of business owners try to do everything themselves which almost never works if you have a big company. You have to be able to stay the course when things get rough and if you have not studied business then you might be in the wrong industry!

If nothing else this is a great list to save and remind yourself of the top traits for successful business people.

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