25 rules for having and deploying a big business idea.

Having an idea is not enough, taking actions is not enough, hiring talent is not enough, if you want to launch your big business idea you need to know a little about a lot. make sure and understand each one of these so they can resonate. Talk to people about them even if they seem unorthodox. Big business ideas are not just a way to make money they are your baby and you need a special process to nurture them into the fighting machine you will need in the modern business world.

1. It needs to be a big idea, making sandwiches or changing oil is not big enough. You need an idea other business people will understand and respect.

2. You have to have value in your product. Make sure the customer / client will get more than 10 times the value of your product.

3. Always charge a premium price. Big ideas need bigger prices. Small margins mean more work.

4. Explain clearly why you are charging a premium price and what the purchaser will get for it.

5. Always get paid first. Make sure you are not wasting time in collections, get your money up front and if possible automate recurring payments.

6. Make sure you are in control of your business.

7. Make the business work for your personal needs. Revolving your life around your business will effect both negatively.

8. Focus on the main money makers in your business, let the little stuff go.

9. Get started right away, do not waste a moment over thinking the details.

10. Hire people that can do things that you are not as good at.

11. Make sure people respect you by always being honest with all your customers and your business image.

12. Monitor your marketing with direct customer responses and link tracking.

13. Watch what your partners and employees are doing don’t believe just what they say.

14. There is no ending, there will always be ways to improve and issues to fix.

15. Find your main talent and do that 90% of the time.

16. Allow your customers a risk free way to try your product or service.

17. Always have an upgrade option for your customers.

18. Always market added services to your existing customers, even if you only have a couple.

19. Treat all your customers with respect, but if the worse ones don’t get better then let them go. 90% of support and time is spent on less than 10% of customers.

20. You will feel defeated, let that make you stronger and try harder.

21. Make an image for your business people can enjoy.

22. Try to start a new category so people will think of you first.

23. Create your own path so people will see you as a leader.

24. Celebrate often, every win is worth a reward. This builds a winning a pattern

25. Go beyond what your customers expect so they feel compelled to tell your story.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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