To be really effective you must humanize your brand

I found this quote online somewhere and thought I would investigate it a little. I have to admit, sometimes I really do want to buy from companies I feel connected too or just appreciate (feel good about). Food especially, also wine, entertainment, products. For example I love to buy my watches from Vestal. I’ve been to the office in Costa Mesa, met the guys there, and really like their mission and attitude. I can honestly say as well I have mentioned their name to hundreds of people with a glowing review. In the tech industry (what I am in) it’s a little less important to me. I seem to be drawn to companies that can do things I can’t or don’t want to do. I look more for a company that is honest and straight forward. Regardless of what we are drawn to, it’s human nature to want to work with companies and people that we can connect with. With that said here is the 8 top ways I could find on how to humanize your brand and company.

  1. Build a blog

By adding a blog it’s telling your customers that you are involved and on a mission. Stale websites can get business, but will have a very little chance if having a strong connection with their customers. When a better offer comes a long the customer is more likely to jump ship if there is no connection. People want to see what’s new and what the business is doing. There is no better way to do this than with your company blog. A good tip to get relevent stuff to write about is to do a news search for things in your industry and make a post about how your company pertains a current topic. I suggest using WordPress, our company happens to have a one click installer and free WordPress templates. You can see them here: WordPress Web Hosting

2. Make a good about us page

There is an about us page that has your address and contact information, and THEN there is an about us page that has images of the people working there and details about how the company started and what your mission is. I also suggest something in there about how you are different in your industry and a video!

3. Write in first person

When making copy and filling in your website, think of a person telling a story. Write it like you are talking to someone face to face or even better write like you are talking to a crowd. Just don’t over-sell your business or products with generic sales jargon. People want the facts, relevant information, and a little humanity, not a bunch of cut and paste power words.

Good: We do things right
Bad: We are the best

Good: We have been helping customers fill their pockets since 2010
Bad: We will make you a ton of money with our unbeatable system

Good: We are here 24 hours a day to help you
Bad: Get help 24 hours a day

4. Make a personal connection

Consumers are more cautious now than ever before. The first thing they look for is BS or companies that are hiding things. The best way to connect with your customers is to be honest, transparent, and real. Don’t over-promise what you offer, that will get picked up on quicker than a foot stepping on an ant farm.

5. Social media

We all new this was coming, but there is a couple off the beaten track things to keep in mind with social media. First and most important, social media is not a billboard. It’s a place to show things that your company likes that the connections there will like as well. For example, we offered free stuff on our Facebook page but very little people were interested, surprisingly! Yet the other day we simply shared a story about new technology that we loved and the results were 500% better. Find things the company likes, that your customers will also like, and post that.

My guess is 80% interesting content and 20% company product information.

6. Use image content

This is the age of the 2 second attention span. Reading articles (like this one is outdated) so you need to grab the attention and deliver relevant content quick. Nothing does this better than an image and message together that will get attention. Here is a great example of content that will get shared by any farmer or person who cares about local food.


Some tips on good image content:

  • Make a quiz
  • Make something that people emotionally care about
  • Do questions and answers
  • People love charts!
  • Make a comic strip
  • Make a mini guide
  • Something that helps a problem (Coconut oil removes wrinkles) ect…

7. Give back

If you want to really get some BUZZ attention in social media, do something good. There was a pizzeria in New York that was the third and according to him final attempt of starting a business for the owner. He went about it differently this time and started a pizza place that allowed people to pay a buck for homeless people to grab off the wall and get a free slice of pizza. The buzz was amazing and the business is set in stone for the time being thanks to social media (no or little marketing needed!). The only tip here is to be genuine, throwing some money to the local Boys Club is great but probably won’t get a lot of buzz. Think of a cause that is unique and has some relevance to your industry.

8. Think partnerships instead of customers

If you refer to your clients as customers you are already losing. Think clients and partners. No matter how small your product or business is, each customer is essential. The word to mouth, the great feeling that comes from customers that really like your business, and the true appreciation you have for what these customers have done for your business will go a long way.


O.K. my fingers are going numb, thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Charles Yarbrough
Customer Service Manager
Web Host Pro


Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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