Tips on making a good business logo

Making a logo can seem so simple yet cause the worst headaches. When you start to see other logos that have been used over the years even with as simple as they might look you can tell a lot of though went into to each one. There is a artist approach to the simplicity of a good logo. You want it to be memorable and professional all without making it too busy. I do suggest taking your time, having a good logo right away will save you a lot of re-branding later! The more unique the better, again without looking unprofessional.

So to save you a little time and provide a little guidance on your logo path here is some tips for a good logo I found from researching recent articles from all over the web.

  1. Don’t think small business or big business, your logo should be on the same level no matter how big or small your business is.
  2. Keep it simple, the more simple with the right look the better.
  3. Make part of it possible to use for an icon. Now a days with smart phones, apps, and other systems icons are very common.
  4. It should be memorable and send a message about what your company does.
  5. Stay away from stock art and common fonts.
  6. Images are good but they need to be original and typically one is the most used in a logo.
  7. Newer logos now tend to put an image over the font combining them together. The style of a icon next or on top of text is phasing out.

Good luck and don’t stress too much, you can always change it later if you need to and it’s probably better than what you think it is. The most critical eye is always your own.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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