8 work from home jobs for the new age

It’s 2016, can you believe it?! I can’t. More so, I can’t believe I have been working on the Internet for 20 years! That’s more than most employees at tech businesses age. I still feel great and love what I do. A big part of what pushed me from wine making to business was a book I read as a teenager called 100 work from home businesses. I loved it, I mean all I had to do was pick one and if I didn’t suck I wouldn’t have a boss. Nothing has changed, if anyone can do a home business right now than so can you. The trick is to just work harder and smarter.

Here at Marketing Spot we will help with the smarter part. Here is some fun facts for inspiration.

  • 70% of entrepreneurs have started a home based business.
  • 50% of all US jobs have positions that couple be done from home.
  • In 2014 3 million people worked from home.
  • 82% of people working from home said it’s less stress than an office.
  • In 2013 .05% of gas was used less.
  • 23% of all workers have done some work from home.

Any of those 100 work from home businesses I read about in 1998 still would work today, but there is a couple more new home based businesses that they wouldn’t of even known about back in the grunge.

So even though there is hundreds of work from home businesses you can do right now. I made this list to show off the newest ones on the market.

1. Blogger
This might seem obvious sense you are reading a blog right now. The truth is a lot companies will hire you to write for them and will pay to be on your blog as it gets popular. I have seen themes take off from pictures next to animals,  cats on holiday, to clothes that grandma wears. No one knows what the best theme is, but the blogger pros will verify any theme is possible if done right. Luckily Web Host Pro pays my bills, I don’t think too many companies are breaking down the doors here at Marketing Spot.

2. Graphic design
Are you an artist but still love techy stuff. Combine the two for a great biz you can do in your own time from anywhere in the world. Make sure and get a copy of Adobe PS and Illustrator. Than learn the heck out of them. Templates are a great way to learn what’s popular.

3. Copy Writer
Ever business needs a shnazzy slogan, something clever on their ads, content, social content, the list goes on. If you can master smart copy people will pay you to make their businesses sound better. It’s fast work and like Blogger’s and Graphic Designers’s you can do it from anywhere.

4. Accountants
Almost every business needs a good accountant, someone that will put all the purchases and payments together so they are paying the right taxes. Accounting software took a dive years ago and the old school hands on approach is what most people are getting now. For the most part, businesses want an accountant that lives close and makes sure everything is legal.

5. Computer Person
Are you computer savvy? Well guess what… most still are not and don’t want to be. If you can replace a mobo or tweak a bois this could be your biz. Just make sure to practice on a PC you don’t care about so if you get the blue screen of death. You can just format and add a new OS!@$# It was said back in the day Windows interviewed people by handing them a virus infested laptop and told them to fix it. Ready, go!

6. Dog Watcher
Dog owners are multiplying like skinny jeans almost did (they took off fast for a sec). Almost everyone knows how great it is to have a dog. The downfall to these furry little love balls is you can’t bring them everywhere. As much as they would love to take a trip to South Korea I think a smart owner would leave them in the US. Luckily these dog sitters are all over and fair priced because they are doing it from their house. The going rate is $40-80 a day per dog.

7. Craftsman
I’m actually not sure the exact term here but making jewelry, art, and stuff people think is cool is a fast growing business. Sites like Ebay, Etsy, and do it yourself eCommerce like from Web Host Pro’s free software makes it easy to post and take sales for your artsy stuff.

8. Car Driver
Like to drive and chat with people? Uber, Lyft, and dozens of new do it yourself driving services are paying millions daily to regular people with a good driving record. Some people do them all and make an easy 3-4k a month from it.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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