Keeping Your Home-Based Office Safe

You have a home-based business. Congratulations! In addition to setting your own hours and priorities, you get to avoid hours lost each week in grinding commutes. That makes it easy to forget that home offices face many of the same risks as storefront locations. Simple precautions like using a laptop safe can help you protect yourself from fire, theft and other disasters.


Safe and Fireproof

Hopefully you already have home owners or renters insurance. Make sure your policy covers your home business and all of your equipment for fire, flood, and other damages. Can your business operate without you? If not, make sure you have coverage to keep you afloat if you are injured or otherwise unable to work for a while.


All of your important data – from client lists and transactions to website passwords – should be backed up regularly (at least once per week) and stored separately in a fireproof, theft-proof safe or file cabinet. Laptop safes are designed to hold a laptop computer and a few other valuables but are small enough to hide under a bed, inside a cabinet, or in a closet. For extra security, they can be installed so that they are extremely difficult for a thief to remove. Fireproof filing cabinets and other storage options are also available. These will reduce the risk of your critical documents being lost or damaged by fire or flood.


While most commercial office space is equipped with advanced fire safety systems like sprinklers and alarms, most homes and home offices are not. Investigate the fire safety systems available for your home. At a minimum, check smoke and carbon dioxide detector batteries at least twice per year to make sure they are still working correctly. Have fire extinguishers centrally located in your home and know how to use them. Make sure candles and any other sources of flame are never left unattended. Have fireplaces and furnaces routinely maintained so that they will operate safely once the weather becomes cooler.


While all these preparations may sound like a lot of work, they can make the difference between an emergency and a complete catastrophe that could destroy the business you’ve worked so hard to build. As an added bonus, insurance companies are often willing to provide discounts for these types of safety and security measures. Investing in fireproof cabinets, smoke alarms and insurance. Office safes are also a very practical investment for a home-based office – all this is a small price to pay to protect your company and give yourself some peace of mind.


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