Working from Home in Colder Weather: How to Keep People On Task

Working from Home in Colder Weather: How to Keep People On Task

The answer is to allow them work from the comfort of their homes; this has advantages and disadvantages, and in this article we would like to talk a little about both.

Building good working relationships and trust is easier in an office environment, but with most of the work we produce existing in the cloud, some flexibility can drive better results. With online collaboration software, instant communication can be as effective as a face-to-face meeting, and with everyone signing in to the virtual workspace keeping track of tasks and milestones is easy.


How to keep online collaborators on task

The main concern for many team leaders, is a lack of supervision. How do you know if someone at home is dedicating their time to the job and not just watching the latest Netflix release?


The other problem has to do with mistakes. How can you track where a task went wrong if your peers aren’t sure when and what work was done, or what actions were taken to resolve the issue?


The case for comprehensive project management software.

With most work being done online, cloud based software has come a long way in addressing work-from-home concerns. With a built-in instant messenger, there’s no longer a resistance to communicating minor issues, or a clerical error that can be easily resolved.


Email inboxes are often overflowing with unsorted communications, and many employees are reluctant to add more threads to their @doomed accounts.


A good online collaboration tool offers its users a virtual workspace; a kind of office where everyone can convene to see tasks, make notes and mark off milestones.


A few years ago, if a colleague would have suggested we work from home during the winter, we would have laughed at the idea (that would be quite a few days working from home when you live in the UK), but with the software that’s available today we could even make a case against working from the office at all.


Allowing employees to work from home will offer them greater job satisfaction, while organizing projects in the cloud will streamline output. It’s a win win situation.

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