Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in 2017

This year is coming to a close, but 2017 is sure to bring more options to those within the world of digital marketing. It seems fair to say that digital marketing as an industry is leading further and further ahead and growing at a rapid pace – helping to create its very own ecosystem. With Penguin 4 now out of the way, this article takes a look over some of the trends to expect. Let’s get started.

As mentioned, Penguin 4 was a recent update by Google that tells us plenty moving forwards. Live updates will now be a feature, meaning no more large updates, but many constant ones. In other words, pages are going to be penalized in many cases, not entire websites. What’s more, the dirty tactics that once worked for ranking a website generally don’t now – so Google believes it has reached a point from where smaller regular updates are more appropriate. This is good for digital marketers, as we have entered an era that is now more stable, understandable and less confusing.
Quality content is a fantastic way to improve the exposure of your website. This can be done by using a good quality blogger outreach service, but beware, as many operate by using spammy methods – so pick selectively. Outreaching to blogs is a clean method that doesn’t violate Google’s TOS, when done properly, it can be one of the best ways to increase a domain authority and therefore search results. Good blogs and or authors are a major ingredient with this digital marketing strategy. Expect this method to continue onwards and into the future – it’s here to stay.

Social media signals already play a key role in how a site might rank within a search engine. Furthermore, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn are just a few sites that enable to find and attract new customers to your product. Attempt to be creative and you might just go viral with one idea, but be patient, it won’t happen immediately, and you’ll probably want to consider hiring an expert or social media marketing service to see the real results.
Video marketing has grown; people just love watching videos. YouTube is the go to video platform, and there are millions of videos watched hourly. Again, utilize this by thinking of something that is a little outside of the box, but also shows off your brand or product. This is another method to focus on, try hiring an actor or video designer who can quickly turn your dreams into reality.

Your digital marketing hub should, in most cases, be your website. Your site should be mobile and tablet compatible, navigation friendly, interesting and unique. Content is king, that’s how the saying goes, and it’s true. A site lacking in good content is one that readers, search engines and customers ignore.

The above areas are sure to be of great importance in 2017, and you’ll want to adapt these into a good strategy. Perhaps you’ve got some tips on this subject? If so, be sure to leave them in the comment box below.

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