Is tech right for you?

Tech is doable, if it’s your passion or goal why not give it a shot?

It’s o.k. if your website or format is a little clunky, you will make it better in time. The important thing is to get started. If the average business person spent as much time trying to design their website and doing Internet marketing as they did studying business and going to conventions they would be experts.

Will you be an expert in the first week? Probably not, but can you become an expert in a couple months? Absolutely.

Some of the top tech entrepreneurs are self taught. Myself, I had some basic college for business but everything revolved around tech I taught myself, now I can design websites and market on the Internet as good as anyone. Within a 6 months I was able to build a basic website and do pretty good marketing. That was over a decade ago.

The bottom line is if it’s a goal to get into tech you can do it and with some basic steps. I’ll try to explain how I did it, and several other top tech people I know have done it.

Tips on how to learn and get into the tech business:

  1. Get a laptop – Sitting in the same place every time you work will burn you out. I have two laptops and a massive monitor in the middle for my office. This gives me three screens to organize things on. The truth is, even with this power set up, most of my work is done from one laptop in different places.
  2. Forget time – Learning tech can make time disappear. We call this plugging in and when it happens you are in the zone. When plugged in time should be the last thing you are thinking about. This is also a great excuse to get away from other things with no time limit. “Honey I have to plug in”  She will soon learn this means not to disturb you and it can be any amount of time.
  3. Get a website – Don’t worry if you are have the ugliest website in the world, you need this to practice on. Go to Web Host Pro and grab the $1.99 a month web hosting plan and get a domain name for $11.99 a year. This everything you need to get started.
  4. Get Dreamweaver and Photoshop – These are the two essential tools for a webmaster or self made techie. You would need to learn these and keep a fairly recent version. I remember giving up on both at first but the second try worked and now they are second nature.
  5. Find a company doing what you want – Once you think of some ideas for your tech business find other companies already doing it. Good or bad you will want to learn everything you can from them. It will save you endless mistakes and time learning from businesses already in their profitable stages. Don’t worry about stealing, this survival of the fittest natural selection formula helps everyone in the long run. just don’t copy content and you will be fine.
  6. Join a forum – There is a forum for almost every type of business on the Internet. Find one that has exactly what you want to do and start replying to posts. Don’t add too many posts at first. Replying to others will help them get bumped up and people will warm up to you before you start getting your own posts replied to.

With these tips and some patience you can get on track to being a tech expert within months. Having tech experience is one of the most crucial tools for business in the next 100 years. So get started and don’t give up!

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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