Press Releases and Their Constant Value

If you have a business or product you are all too familiar with press releases and their importance. They’re a great way to notify your customers and potential customers about your service or product, any specials you are having and all things new.

Some people don’t believe that press releases will be around much longer or are less effective than they used to be. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regardless of how many press release distribution sites were affected by Google Panda’s 4.0 update, you can still deliver high value press releases to the web and to your customers.

Why Press Releases Are Important

Press releases offer small to medium sized businesses a way to reach the public. It also helps boost their rank in Google and reaches more readers when published by media outlets both online and in print.

If you use a service provider that publishes press releases automatically you might not achieve the same results as if you were to publish it directly on your own. There are pros and cons to using distribution services although they aren’t super cheap. Premium distribution gives you video, images, social media and news outlet distribution, rather than single paper press release.

Free distribution services won’t likely give you the results you desire but some can be effective if used correctly. Many companies will use free and lower-cost distribution services in addition to premium distribution simply to supplement their overall reach.

Links in Press Releases

According to Rebecca Joyner, the director of content services at Metis Communications, Google is not so friendly with optimized links within press releases. Google new views them more as schemes to their algorithm instead of valuable anchor text. No longer do you want to stuff your press release with a ton of links. This can have detrimental effects.

Regardless of the changes Google made to its algorithm, punishing the releases that cater to ‘unnatural’ links you can still gain great results with a quality press release.

Get the Most from Your Press Release

The following is how we suggest you compose and submit your press releases to get the most from them.

  • Make sure your press release is newsworthy and not full of jargon or buzzwords. It needs to be informative and valuable; not excessively stuffed with keywords.
  • Use a follow-up campaign and target the media sources that bring the most value for your business. Call and/or email reporters and use your press release as a news story introduction.
  • Your keywords should be placed in the headline and any subheadings in the press release.
  • Create video or pictures for your press release to make it easy to share and offer more value to both bloggers and news reporters.
  • Customize a pitch so that news reporters understand what you’re offering and just why they should care.
  • Take advantage of social media networks with relevant hashtags to distribute your press release.
  • Only include links that are legitimate and offer valuable additional information.
  • Understand how Google’s rules work in regards to anchor text. You don’t want to be penalized by Google.
  • Make sure you create unique tracking URLs so you can easily measure how effective they are.

Why Your Business Should Use Press Releases

Even though the SEO value of press releases has decreased, they’re still a great and informative tool for any business and should be used as such. You will benefit the most by using media in your press releases, distributing them across established social media networks and always following the optimization guidelines by Google.

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