Holiday shopping at Black Pants Promotions

It’s time to get some gifts for the people you love or random people if you unusually kind. Regardless if you are in the market for a unique quality gift you need to visit

Not only are you going to find amazing prices you are going have a selection of products for everyone you can think of. From apparel, to pens, to bags, mugs, you name it and they will have it. Custom add your logo, name, and image. Pretty much anything you want is available for each promotional product.

Some other categories include:

Computer items
Patriot items
Head Wear
Sun Glasses

And a ton more….


Items start at just .63 cents.

Nothing is going to feel more personal as a gift than something with a custom message from you.

There is also a school store for all your children’s needs.

Here is a couple is when getting promotional products for your business:

  • The cheapest option isn’t always the best. Consider how a cheap product might say something about your business.
  • Be smart about the quantity. You can get sucked into buying too much because the price is better, just try to consider how long it will take to give all the stuff away.
  •  Try to get things that are relative to your business. If you are an online store consider a mouse pad or usb drive.
  •  Consider products people will actually use often and are helpful. A bag clip, chalk board, ect…
  •  Think about how the product will be seen. If it’s just for one person it’s not important but if you want more people to see it think products that will be noticed in public like shirts, hats, tote bags, ect…

And when you are ready to get busy and grab some good promotional and custom products visit today!



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