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LeadKickr’s proprietary publisher network reaches 5 business departments and 5 different decision-maker titles to engage your brand and custom content.. When you are ready to have your brand white papers and content engaged by the right businesses and the right people you need an enterprise level lead/demand generation service.

LeadKickr sends white papers and other custom content to their vast audiences through their proprietary publisher network.

Get in front of the top target audience positions like:

  • CXO
  • VP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Staff Influencer

With over 40k marketing qualified leads from top companies having a quality digital marketing campaign service will have a substantial positive effect on your brand and ability to grow. Not only will these companies see your content they will also have your business be known by the top people in your industry. View some of the top content marketing statistics.

Typical campaigns price in a range between $25-$75 per lead. Pricing is customized for each client and developed with the campaigns results in mind. Their service will help you increase the size and quality of your pipeline.

Reach more of your target audience and generate more leads with LeadKickr today.

Get more BDB lead generation to enterprise tech companies and their top business partners.





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