Know the Basics of Animated Explainer Videos to Implement Them Right

Animated explainer videos are becoming an important ingredient for the online presence of every business. There is doubt that such videos are much engaging and attractive than normal texts. Aside from that, these ensure sales and much easier to share. There are numerous professional agencies that are in explainer video production and will help you showcase your business in the best possible manner. If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur with enough budget, you may consider creating animated explainer videos through the assistance of external agencies. You can conceptualize and visualize the presentation and its content if you want more control.


Basically, it has something to do with understanding the video’s goal or purpose. An animated explainer video will achieve its goal only if it’s conceptualized well. A good way to start conceptualizing is concentrating on your audience, different offerings, and product you like to focus on. You also have to decide on the theme for the animated explainer video. Do you want something fun or entertaining? Or do you want something that’s sort of tutorial or information-based? Once your research is done, you will be clear on what you must highlight in animated explainer videos and what final message must be.

Take Some Notes

Now that you have an idea of the flow of your animated explainer video, the next thing you must do is searching for some videos to know more what features are best to incorporate and how much you want to use them. Even if you like to tell a story about your company was established, you need to make sure that you will provide them a solution and how the user may take action immediately. It’d be wise to start with video scripts so you will get the story’s right flow. But, it’s also a fact that the video script should be your reference alone and you must visualize it in a beautiful manner. It’s where you erase, plan, re-plan, and rework.


Your video script is best if this comes across through visuals, a screenplay, characters, and graphics. You might require stills or photos and other video clips that you can get from websites. If you like everything original and new, you may sketch and draw. You may present them with the use of Google Drive presentation. When every part is ready and each transition fits in perfectly, you may use video maker and make a short video or movie.

Narration and Voice

Probably, the biggest challenge is engaging with the users. With good visuals, the work is half done only, yet once you add the proper voiceover, you have nailed this. You may consider recording your very own voice through the help of recording software and microphones. Some tools are available for free. But, it’s best to hire professionals.

The best animated explainer video company knows what you need. No matter what your purpose, expect to get nothing but the best for your business.

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