Tapping into the $2 Billion travel industry in Savannah

For Savannah, GA based business owner and part time celebrity. Finding a niche that people love was a little tricky. luckily he had the unique skills to pull it off. We’re actually talking about Ghost Tours. Not your ordinary haunted house or that abandoned house in that old field no one wanted to go to as a kid. I mean a real experienced ghost hunter showing you how to identify and understand ghosts.  What is a better place than one of the oldest cities in the US, Savannah. There is so much history and life happening around here. It’s only natural ghosts like to choose this place as home.

Don’t be too worried though, this tour was made to be fun for all ages and no one has been possessed yet.

The Savannah Ghost Show says:

You’ll be amazed, intrigued and entertained every step of the way. Think of us as a walking show or mobile theater. Each location serves as a backdrop to another fascinating tale!

They have two main shows:



The choice is yours!

The catch the ghost tour is very popular as explained by the owner:

The name of the tour is Catch a Ghost. I consider it a walking “show” instead of a tour. The tour is an interactive adventure. With the popularity of all the ghost hunter shows on TV, our tour addresses the height of interest. This tour is the ONLY tour guaranteed to catch a ghost.

With a constant flow of ghost seeking people and families seeking the best tours in Savannah this show has truly shown you how to use your unique skills to start a business people will love in a market you might never think of.

Make sure and visit the website here: Savannah Ghost Show

And if you are even in Savannah and want a ghostly good time call them at (912) 388-0601

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