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They say anyone that doesn’t want to measure, doesn’t want accountability. The amount of books that have been written on measuring marketing efforts and business information goes back to decades, maybe even centuries.  I have read several myself like “keys to the vault”. The main focus I get from these books and blogs is simple; we need to measure. If I wrote this article about 20 years ago it would be more focused on guesstimates. It’s not until Social Networking took over that you can really see where your network, customers, and marketing efforts have true impact.

We are at an exciting time that allows us to see unprecedented details from our customers, visitors, and fans. This will allow us to tailor our businesses to the people that like it best.

This is were a great company comes in. a Geolocation Social Media Data, Insights and Engagement” Saas Platform. When you are ready to start measuring your businesses’s social media footprint, than it’s time to visit their site and register for a 7 day social marketing tool trial.

They will give the details you need to know for a smart cost effective social networking campaign.

Any business can benefit from the best social media monitoring tools but these industries are a must.

  • Journalism/Media
  • Marketing Agencies/Brands
  • Events & Sports
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Lead Generation
  • Travel

You can monitor all of the top social networks including.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Flickr

We really liked how you can easily find the top influencers in all of your social networks, the heatmap view, and total engagement review and management. These are just some of the full spectrum of options in total social network managing dashboard.

Maybe nothing is going to be more interesting than the metrics, the analytics section will discover keyword/hashtag trends, time-based activity, influential posters, activity trends, popular venues in target location.

Now the best part… prices start at just $19.99 a month with a full 7 day free trial. I can’t think of a better tool for an easy ROI.

GoBabl was founded to reduce the clutter of social media monitoring and add location- based, sentiment and engagement analysis information to basic already available data. We have morphed into a data analysis social media company at the forefront of changes in the media space.

We really like their business statement, it’s exactly what you would want from a company that you will be using often. This is a tool you can check and adjust to each day.

The location-based social media monitoring platform is perfect for:

  • Journalists, Bloggers, and PR Agency’s use it to find their topics or for research
  • Hospitality, Sports and Entertainment Company’s analyze their customers and customer service, and engage with prospects
  • Real Estate Developers & Real Estate Consultants use the location data to find the best place to put their (or their clients) new buildings

To boil down what GoBabl does in one sentence you could say Gobabl searches any location in the world for user-generated content. they give their users a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in any community using social media.

It’s really does exactly that and more for an amazing low price.

Find your target market, analyze it, and respond. The trifecta of social network monitoring!


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