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We found this amazing little tool that allows you to mark / etch just about anything right from the palm of your hand. Designed with portability in mind this app connected marking tool can be used anywhere. It also works with Sketchbook, the Windows based software which has versions in Google Play and the App stores well.

The quality is super tough with a rubber based durable and impact resistant case that comes in 5 colors. Connect up with a whole slew of methods like USB, Bluetooth, Digital I/O, PLC, and Internet.

We are particularly amazed with the how small it can etch. Down to 1mm in size!

Use it on a mount, by hand, or integrate it into a production system. Surprisingly versatile.

You can get one of these from a trusted retailer that has a full inventory of top quality cutting edge laser etching tools and systems. In fact on their website, you can purchase everything you need to create a fully-integrated laser etching system. Almost any computer will get you started, but of course the more power the better.

Click here to see the MarkinBox

Just some of the popular industries for this tool are:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Jewelry
  • Mechanical & Engineering
  • Security

The MarkinBox has received several great reviews like this one from Reviewharbor

MarkinBOX 3315S is a top-notch marking system that has unmatched portability, reliability and ease of use.

We also noticed a lot of people are starting laser etching businesses. With the new technology making it so easy to use, anyone with a little start up capital can have their laser etching business ready within a couple weeks. Net Net Connect says:

Working with a laser etching machine for profit can be an extremely rewarding business experience. With a little hard work, careful attention to details, and the right business attitude, you should be well on your way to a profitable business venture that’s fun, exciting and rewarding in the future.

Whatever your reason is, when you are looking for laser etching tools, Needham Coding is a great place to get started.

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