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There is so many ways to make a website now-a-days you have to ask what makes each process better or worse. From free hosting and cheap builders to 20k custom jobs, how can we decipher which is best for you and your business in the long run? The first thing I like to point out is:

  • Would you leave your store or office dirty and with broken stuff all over?
  • Would hand out old outdated or incorrect business cards or flyers?
  • Would you hide your store front behind a store that does what you do better?

This all things people overlook when thinking of a website.

Your website is not just a place to allow people to read about your biz and find some contact details. It’s an image, the first step in what your customers will use to come up with a brand image for your business. This single page can make your business look old and bored or new and aggressive. It can define how friendly and active you are or how recluse and unimaginative you are.

Of course it might be misleading for better or worse but regardless, for the low price it takes to get an amazing website there is no reason to not spring for something memorable and definitive. Something that awes your visitors. If you need… spend a little less on direct marketing and use that to invest in something extraordinary. Long term, there simply is no better investment with your business. The price is one time in most cases and you get a strong marketing tool that can last a lifetime.

Of course you can do a free web builder, and put something together that’s not too bad. It’s a great way to save a grand (Just keep in mind what it will cost in potential lost business).

We think it’s best to aim for fences, and when your ready too, we found a great business to start with that is not too expensive.

Mass Media Design

Mass Media Design has everything you need to grow your business

Here is an example of a great web design studio that will make you an aggressive stand out website for a fair price.

Potential clients and investors want to work with a business that looks substantial and credible.

With a website from a company like Mass Media Design, you can guarantee it will get a massive return on your investment in the long run and people will see your company as a real contender.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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