How can a content delivery network help your website?

If you are not familiar with CDN, it’s newer web based technology that allows content to be delivered online based on a location. Basically if you are in New York, a good CDN service would send you content from it’s server closest to you, maybe right next door! This can be really helpful with video streaming and with large downloads.

Most web hosting services have a main data center and send cached redirects to round robin DNS for faster resolving connections. But ultimately you are getting the data from one or maybe two locations.

If you get past all the technical jargon, a content delivery network makes downloading faster. It takes your location and in real time decides the closest location for you to access and get content online from.

The technology is growing faster and faster as more companies are using the service. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are examples of services that use CDN.

When you’re downloading huge video files, the streaming location vs your location can  help the process be more smooth and even stream higher quality content.

A great service for CDN service is UCDN stop by their website to get more details and prices.

As the technology advanced and the prices come down, more and more websites will be adding a content delivery network into their infrastructure. Sometimes even an extra couple seconds can help an online business make more sales.

Another really common option is to use a web hosting service for the web pages and use the CDN on the back end for video and file downloads. This will save some money and focus the benefits of CDN where it will help the most.

When downloading performance becomes a way to make more money from your website, we suggest researching CDN. Make sure and keep an eye on the technology behind it. We are seeing more and more advances that people are using for all sorts of new reasons.

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