New Zealand Web Design, Down Under!

There are a lot of Web Design agencies out there, but only a few have stood out to me. Especially this one all the way from New Zealand. The reasons for this is because of customer friendliness and loyalty.

Red Eye Design is a Web Design company founded in Tauranga, New Zealand. Created by David Whiting, they offer a reliable and honest service. As their business reputation is growing in New Zealand, they are now being used by businesses all around the world for this particular reason.

They concentrate on building responsive websites through WordPress, but they also have skills in Search Engine Optimisation and PPC, which can help increase traffic towards your website. With some work I have seen, they have successfully recreated companies existing websites and built them more modernised to standout over the competition, which has actually worked for these particular companies! A lot of their Web Design is impressive and examples can be found on their website.

Other than specialising in Web Design they offer other services within Brand Identity, Print Design and Packaging Design. To be honest their prices are also very competitive compared to other agencies online so I found it a win win situation.

Red Eye Design are also very loyal when it comes to supporting other small businesses in New Zealand and around the world. David believes that its the small businesses that keep the cogs turning.

If you would like to get hold of R.E.D for any of their services please see their website at

Also checkout the quote below. It gives you something to think of before purchasing your next product or using your next service.

“When you buy from a small “mom and pop” business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college. Our customers are our shareholders, and THEY are the ones we strive to make happy. Thank you for supporting small businesses!”

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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