Connecting local brands with YouTubers

As a local business owner you are going to want to start leveraging, after all… it’s the second largest search site under Google itself. Not only is it really popular, it’s REALLY engaging, meaning people like to go on there for a long time when they visit. The also like to interact with comments, shares, and links. This all equals great benefits for businesses that want to get seen by the right people.

The issue though is how do you get in contact with the right people for what will help your business?

We found using a service like to connect businesses like  restaurants, hairdresser’s salon, spas, pubs, bars, and gym with the best influencers.

Tuber Deal has a simple search to find the exact match for your business. You can search for options like Influencer or business owner. This allows finding connections easy both ways. You can also search categories like art and design, beauty and lifestyle, food and drink, health and sport, music and dance, and other for everything else.

You can even search countries and cities to see who is close by. And you get all this for free to start. Pretty impressive.

Now of course you can search on Youtube and contact people directly. This will just take a lot of time and you won’t know if the Youtuber even will do ads for you. Also you won’t know their location and what they offer. Using a service that connects small businesses with YouTube influencers will save serious time and get you more accurate connections.

One of the best services influencers can offer is promotional videos for small business advertising. Marketing for small business is essential in any market. Just having a store and getting listed in Google is not enough. You need customers that will engage and take interest. In some cases a good ad or video will spread like wildfire online being worth millions in free advertising.

Video marketing and video promos are the newest most beneficial way to market your business. Advertising on YouTube will promote business in an engaging high impact way.

Business Owners, find influencers to promote your local business with YouTube videos. Get started here: Business and Youtuber connections


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