How To Market With Street Signage

Street signage can be used in a range of specific marketing efforts. From bold signs that attract attention to subtle aspects of a gorilla marketing efforts, streets signs have been used for years and can be used in a variety of specific methods. Signs can be ideal for highlighting your location, changes to a businesses services or any sales being offered and are the most effective tool for converting walk-by traffic into clients. Signs can be perfect for small local businesses for attracting local customers, mobile business ventures in the form of yard signs and for large corporate companies in the form of sponsorship.

A sign needs to be effectively designed to provide the required benefits. Professionals can help design your signs with the right font and colours to support your branding image while reaching the desired markets. Signage can be an effective way to boost your businesses reach and client base. These are some effective tips for creating your perfect sign and some highlights that a well-made and well-printed sign can bring.

Compelling Colours
Colour consideration is a key part of any sign’s marketing ability. Colour can become largely known as seen in the examples of Coke Red or McDonald’s Yellow. Selecting a colour that will attract attention and can be associated with your brand is key. Consider colours that promote your branding. Either a colour found in your logo or a colour that provides a compelling contrast against your logo’s colours. Another consideration is trendy colours. Colours that are popular in a certain year or certain season can be ideal for a flyer campaign or gorilla campaign. Though these trends can shift, so if your sign is meant to be static and longstanding, less consideration towards a trendy colour and more consideration towards a branded colour scheme should be applied.

Whether your sign will only have your brand name in the text, will convey a specific sale or will have any other form a text, the content of a sign needs to be easily read. Colour contrast plays a large role in your signs reliability, as a soft background colour can help bold coloured text stand out. If your heart is set on strong background colours, your content can become more readable with an outline or drop shadow. Poorly read or contrasted signs can seem busy and unprofessional, which can lead to deterred signage benefits.

Size Does Matter
A large sign is easier to see and easier to read. Though large signs can be costly. For small signs, size ratios is what matters. How much of the sign will be devoted to your logo or other images? How much will be taken up by content as well as what size of text will be used to convey your message? Large billboards that promote a business will likely be largely made of images, with a bold and catchy slogan or simply the business name. While signs that convey sales or other specific and informative meanings will likely need to better promote the text on the sign. The size of your sign, as well as the allocation of space, is a major aspect of your sign design.

Clear Message
Do not try to say too much. Rarely will anyone walking by or driving by, want to read a full paragraph. The sign copy needs to be ultimately concise and to the point. 8 words or less is often recommended for even the most informative of signs. A single clear message is a key to an effective piece of signage.

Benefits of Street Sign Marketing
These are the 3 key purposes and prospective benefits that properly made and used sign can provide.

* Attract New Customers Signs can attract new people to your business. Either local that walk by or other in the city that drives by, an eye-catching sign, with a clear message can place your business in new customers minds and prompt them to enter the business or contact you.

* Create Impulse Sales – New signs can cause people to enter your business, who otherwise would not have. In today’s busy markets, as people have increasingly less time to research smaller purchases, signs can promote an impulse decision to purchase your goods or services. For example, a recent study done by Best Buy showed that over 15% of its annual customers stated that they did not intend to enter the store, but did when they saw a sign.

* Increase your Brand Exposure Signs in busy places can be seen by thousands of people a day. These visual impressions can drastically increase your brand’s exposure in local markets and your word of mouth referrals.

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