Should you utilize landing pages?

In case you are not familiar with landing pages. They are pages or even in some cases small websites that target a very specific audience or funnel. They are optimized pages for keywords and customer targets, but a true landing page is more based on a quick sale or pitch for the visitors email or involvement. For example, if you sell baseball hats, you probably target baseball fans for all teams ad have pages maybe for each team that link in flush with the rest of the website. A good landing page would be a page made for one team and has a buy or nothing mentality all on that one page. Once they drop into this page they can read stuff, maybe watch a video, maybe add their email, and in most cases buy the product. Navigating the rest of the site usually is disabled. This makes for a somewhat hard sell type environment.

The beauty of a good landing page is the customer most of the time will take action if they are looking for the few or only option on the page available.

So the question; “should you use a landing page” still exists. Will landing pages leave a sour taste in the visitors mouth, will it neglect customers that might of looked around more before buying, and will it scare people off in general?

This boils down to the visitor. If you are working on a window shop sale, an impulsive close. A landing page normally is the best option. Having less options always converts better. Having a simple call to action and close will work better than just sending people to your main website or blog.

Of course this will only be effective if done right. This Dallas marketing agency for example has the experience to help create a strategic effective landing page that will be designed for the exact traffic that makes it effective.

Landing pages come in several flavors:

  • Landing Page
  • Squeeze Page
  • Sales Pitch
  • Funnel
  • Click Through
  • Lead Capture
  • Infomercial
  • Viral

Knowing the right one to use and where to get the right traffic to make it effective are all tools that take experience and research. We will have more articles covering them individually here at marketing Spot.

We can say Social Networks like Facebook tend to do best with lead Captures.

Ad words tend to do best with sales pitches

And articles tend to do best with informational pages.

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