4 crucial things to make working from home a lot better

Working from home can be tricky. Even if you are like me and am self-motivating, certain things can make your day worse. I know there is pages and blogs about working from home with hundreds of tips and some with ten tips “important“. I just wanted to put out there the top four crucial no doubt about it must do things that I have learned from working at home over the last twenty years. All of these are non expendable things that make my life better.

  1. Mute your computer when not working
    I get that you probably have Skype or want to know about certain calls and emails. I’ve learned that our brains keep track of all things possible. So always leaving things pending like a possible email, call, or chat will distract your mind from truly enjoying what else you are doing. Mute your computer, mute your phone, I promise you will appreciate it. If you need a phone for emergency situations don’t have alerts on with your phone. This way you will only hear your phone when you get personal calls or texts. And stop forwarding work calls to your cell phone, if you have to get a second cheap line for this so you can mute it when not working. You can do this with Line2 for $99.50 a year.
  2. Turn off social networking notifications on your phone
    This was a big one. My phone used to beep every couple minutes with social network alerts, texts, phone calls, and emails. I now have all my alerts turned off so I only get phone calls and texts. Changing your phone to buzz is not the same thing, your mind still registers all the alerts just a little more subtly.
  3. Get a comfortable couch or desk set up
    First, don’t work from bed unless you are really tired or sick. Trust me on that. Having a comfortable spot is crucial and with all the money you are saving on not getting an office, feel free to splurge on your perfect couch or chair. Having your dedicated work space dialed in and even a little over the top will pay for itself. I mean really comfy, great aesthetically appealing, and readily available, will make life so much better. I have a down feather couch and everything in my view is done exactly how I like. So when I’m working everything around me is set up just right. Allowing for total focus on the task.
  4. Be social
    Another amazing perk to working from home is the money you are saving from an office or fees you would normally spend going to work and buying food on the run. This means the money can be used for fun stuff like charity events, happy hours, and get togethers. Spending entire days away from people (plural) will drain your momentum. Working from home has so many rewards, make sure and capitalize on them!

I know I’m suppose to mention things like go for walks, meditate, drink lots of water, and keep people that motivate you around. I do these as well. They are very helpful as well as many other great work from home tips. The work from home information I posted here are meant to be vitally crucial. They are all must do options that if I didn’t do them, it would have an immediate effect on the quality of my life.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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