Local business Basic Plus challenges Amazon

With Amazon growing more and more we are seeing creative ways by smaller competitors on how to win the eCommerce game. The latest and greatest is presented by Basic Plus, a retail and service store based in New York. Basic Plus is not just throwing price wars at Amazon, they are thinking out of the box with a new offers customers are eating up. Right now they are offering discounts to local buyers. Something Amazon can’t touch. Not only are they giving special prices to local buyers they are offering services at their stores that customers absolutely love, like:

  • knife sharpening
  • AC and Miele vacuum cleaner installation
  • Sales & repair

The New York based retailer operates all over New York and has a consistent customer base that is loyal. I’m guessing because they are evolving with new business and treat their customers with respect and trust. Something an automated online store can’t perform with any sincerity.

We sell premium quality air conditioners and our senior technicians will also assist you in industry-leadingĀ A/C cleaning, installation, maintenance and repair. We are here to take shopping to a whole new level that won’t end just with the customer paying his check. In fact, it’s about creating an everlasting relationship where you will always have us by your side whenever you need us.

Basics plus has a massive product base with things like:

Locksmith services offered by Basics Plus in New York

Air Conditioner services in New York

AndĀ They also provide handyman services

Which is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are in the New York area and have not seen what this fan favorite retailer has to offer, make sure and stop by. As for beating Amazon, they have their work cut out for them but with this type of clever adaptions I’m sure they will do just fine.

We love to see more personal business and a big shout out to retailers like Basics Plus for paving the way to a better more local experience with retail.

Charles Y.

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