Top Four Benefit Schemes You Can Give Your Employees

Taking good care of employees is a necessity if you want them to remain loyal and committed to your company. And one way you can show them your appreciation is by offering extra benefits. In this post, we take a look at some of the best and latest benefit programmes you can immediately implement in your organisation.

Pregnancy Friendly

Many women go through a heightened form of prejudice when it comes to being pregnant at work. In a report commissioned by the UK government, it was found that almost three-fourths of women felt discriminated on various counts during their pregnancy period, with about four per cent of the would-be mothers having to leave jobs because of such issues. At Principal People, we advise employers to take special care of their female workforce. And that includes giving the necessary maternity benefits during their pregnancy.  An uncaring or discriminatory attitude towards women will only discourage them and affect their contribution to your business.

Pet Insurance

One of the latest trends in benefit schemes is pet insurance. Employers are already mandated to provide insurance to workers. Why not take an extra effort and offer insurance to your employee’s pets? In an interview with Forbes, Scott Liles, Chief Pet Insurance Officer at Nationwide notes that “Since 65% of Americans own at least one pet, almost two-thirds of employees may be shouldering sizable veterinary costs” while also adding that around one-third of the Fortune 500 firm now offer some sort of pet insurance for their workers. Not only will your pet-owning staff appreciate your move, but they will also perceive your company as having a caring attitude towards them.  

Flexible Work Offer

According to The Guardian, almost 14.1 million people in the UK now expect a flexible working schedule wherein they can juggle their work between home and office. This is almost half the entire working population of the country. And many businesses miss out of using talented people in their workers by not providing such an option. If a work (or a part of the work) can be done from home, you should definitely consider providing that option to your employees. Doing so will ensure that they stick to your company rather than checking out other work offers which provide flexible schedules. Many top companies like Amazon have started offering such work benefits to their employees. And moving forward, we are likely to see the trend accelerate.

Wellness programmes

By providing wellness programmes that take care of your employee’s health, you not only increase their productivity but can also cut down the health care costs of the workforce. In fact, according to a 2012 study conducted in the US, it was seen that implementing wellness programmes for a workforce can have a return on investment of nearly 3:1 on average.

So, consider providing some the above schemes to your workers. Show employees that you genuinely care for them and they will more likely be committed to the success of your business. If you need any help with structuring a benefit programme in your organization, get in touch with a reputed management consultant.

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