Three Tips For Successful Email Marketing

There are many ways to get someone’s attention online these days, and some are more effective than others. Some are also more personable than others – it’s easy to outsource mass engagement that caters to your demographic, but not necessarily the individual. It entirely depends on how you’re trying to come across, and what kind of relationship you’re looking to build with the client because there are all different types of clients out there.

Email marketing is one of these marketing strategies that can be very effective. Here are three tips for successful email marketing.

You’re In Their Personal Space

The average person is inundated with marketing emails these days, so it pays to remember how to stand out from the rest and approach each client differently. An excellent way to achieve this is to remember that making your way into someone’s inbox is kind of like entering their home – it’s good to remember your manners and to maintain a high standard of interaction the whole time. The ball is entirely in their court, so it’s entirely up to them what goes, and you have to be prepared to behave accordingly. Remember, you are not the only one they deal with, so being the friendliest will help your case.

Gaining Permission

The first thing to get when it comes to clinching a new client and the loyalty of their email subscription is their permission. Rarely will somebody willingly sign up to regularly email marketing from you without initially approving this communication. There are many ways to do this – some choose to give something away as a kind of sweetener to the deal, others just provide a newsletter or updates of their products. There’s no right or wrong; it’s just a great place to start.

Be Specific

It’s not good just asking someone to “enter your email for updates” because this is too pushy, resulting in the potential client being more likely not to. This is one of the most important calls to action that you’ll have around marketing your business online, so you’ve got to play the game wisely. The potential client wants to know things like “how often will you email me?” Or “Will I get spammed?” and most importantly of all “will I get a discount?”. You have to remember these things when trying to get their email. Be specific – state in the call to action precisely what they’re getting in return for giving out their email address.

Marketing your business through online sources like email is a fickle business, so it pays to do your due diligence, and ensure you know what you’re doing before taking on a list of potential client’s emails.

You want to approach the whole business carefully – things like building up a loyal email base of repeat clients that want to check their emails from you on their own accord take time and effort, so go for a gentle approach that puts you apart from other emails they receive.

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