How to make money with video beyond YouTube

If you’ve been making videos on YouTube, you are probably wishing that it paid a little more. Luckily, there are ways for you to turn your video creation skills and make much more money with those skills than YouTube allows you to do at the moment.

With video creation and editing skills, you can become a freelancer and help other people with their videos. You can also create video-based online courses and sell those courses on your website or on online course marketplaces like Udemy or Skillshare.

Freelancing on UpWork or Fiverr and selling your courses on Udemy or Skillshare are widely known strategies for making money with video-related skills. But there are also some lesser known strategies to make money from video.


Did you know that you can license out your online videos. You can license either your YouTube videos or your full course videos. You can even license out your ebooks if you have those. The licensing is done under the PLR (Private Label Rights) model. Few people are familiar with the PLR licensing model so I’ll explain how it works. When you upload your online course to be sold on another website, you split the revenue with that website. But if you are that website, you’d often like to keep 100% of the revenue from each sale. So for a 1-time fee, you can license or buy rights to resell an online course as your own, and then sell it for 100% profit through your website.

This works for the course creator and for the elearning store which licenses the course if they are confident in their ability to sell the course. And it works for the course creator because they get a reasonable upfront payment. Not all online course creators love doing this because they feel that they lose control of their content when they license it out, but I like this model. I do PLR for my videos, online courses and ebooks. For me, this model works and if anyone ever wants to resell my books, online courses or any of the content I make, I welcome that.


There is another way to profit from your content that I want to share, and that is by adding another way that people can pay you for your work. Not everyone in the world has PayPal or online banking. There are many countries in the world with many people who would like to buy your course content, but can’t. Luckily, now there is a solution. That solution is cryptocurrency. If you accept bitcoin payments, anyone in the world will be able to buy from you online using Bitcoin and they will be able to buy from you with just one click. I myself recently started selling my products and services with Bitcoin. Here is a list of products and services like books, course and coaching you can buy with Bitcoin for a discount on my website.

So if you have some knowledge you can turn into online courses or skills you can use to provide freelancing services, there is much more money you can make than you are currently making on YouTube.

Charles Y.

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